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2018 – an incredible year; filled with many triumphs and tremendous joy! We are very blessed to be the connection between you and those that so desperately need you. THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your story.


Together we served 180,029 people and distributed over 1.28 million lbs. of food!


Nutritional Feeding Programs
• You served 113,316 people, including over 19,000 severely malnourished children, a total of 6,798,960 meals (1,170,870 lbs).

Health Programs
• You treated 37,780 patients.
• This includes 4,866 patients through the Hand of Hope Medical Mission Trip.

Child Sponsorship Programs
• You sponsored 91 children; 58 from the community, 24 from the Children’s Home, and 9 from your Refuge Homes.

Children’s Home
• You provided a loving home for 31 young girls left orphaned.

Refuge Home (for Sex Trafficking Victims)
• You provided a loving home for 38 girls and their 13 children.
• You assisted 8 girls through your Phase 2 Transition Program and 42 girls through other community-based programs.

Mercy Chapel
• You provided vocational education to 152 girls, of which 148 have now graduated and moved toward a better life.

Moving Forward In East Africa
So much has happened since we first began 17 years ago. You have moved Crisis Aid from providing essential crisis intervention, to also launching ongoing sustainability programs for the people you serve.

Breaking The Cycle Of Generational Abject Poverty
The TESIFA Project, a 4-pronged sustainability program, sits on 11 acres of land right in the heart of one of the most impoverished areas we serve. Its intertwined elements (Feeding Center, Medical Facility, Commercial / Training Dairy Farm, and Agricultural Demonstration Farm) are designed to educate, launch, and sustain the surrounding farmers and their communities for generations to come!

The Girls Village is a 4-tiered project (Girls’ Home, Children’s Center, Vocational School, and Commerce Building) that focuses on the ongoing future of the girls, once victims of sexual slavery, and their children.


Refuge Home (for Sex Trafficking Victims)
• You provided a safe and loving home for 24 girls, with 18 joining this year.
• You launched “crisis intervention” services with authorities.

Wings Love & Care Center
• You provided 11,597 people (4,404 families and 4,312 children) with 62,742 pounds of food through your Food Distribution Program.
• You provided 176 families a Thanksgiving meal and 116 families a Christmas meal.
• You provided 203 children with Christmas this year.

Volunteers (we could not do this without them)
• Over 209 volunteers donated their time and their resources.
• They gave 12,314 hours of service, saving thousands of dollars that we were able to apply to the programs.

Moving Forward In the United States
So much has happened since we opened the US Refuge Home and acquired Wings, Love & Care Center. Together, we expanded far beyond the walls that house these programs and are now proactively involved in the communities we serve.

In November 2018, Crisis Aid was invited to open an office in a local Police Station where most of the sex-trafficked girls in your US Refuge Home come from. With these officers, we are also actively involved with children who are in extremely high-risk situations. We are also providing front-line intervention for those who are already caught in the horrors of sex trafficking.

What a change you are starting to make in these communities that will be felt for generations to come!

Every number has a name, every name has a story, every story matters to God. 

— Perry Noble

2002 – 2018

• 2,538,726 people served
• 82,679,059 meals distributed
• 16,170,059 lbs of food distributed
• 506,948 medical care recipients

• 32 orphans in Children’s Home
• 1,100 sex trafficking victims helped
• 42 water wells
• 11 countries served worldwide

2018 AR Financial Report


Patrick Bradley, Chairman
President & CEO, Crisis Aid International

Susan Bradley, Vice President,
CFO, Crisis Aid International

Dane Welch D.D.S., Board Vice President
Dentist, private practice

Mike Lemp, Secretary
Executive Pastor, Life Church

Jerry Fitzgerald, Treasurer
Advertising Executive, self-employed

Chris Igo, Director
Engineer, Kimley-Horn & Associates

Mission Statement Crisis Aid’s mission is to assist in sustaining life, bring encouragement to those suffering and collaborate with other relief organizations in bringing necessary foods, materials and medicines to people in times of crisis, particularly where life and death situations exist. Demonstrating God’s love and care for people is our highest and most cherished goal.

Saving lives, saving souls, changing futures!
You have cared far beyond anything we could have ever imagined! Your love has brought HOPE to so many for the first time in their lives. Children on the brink of death are now healthy and whole because of you. Because of you, young girls who were once trapped in a life of sexual slavery have been rescued and are living a life they could never have dreamed possible. Together, we are transforming lives and whole communities for generations to come!

We thank God and you for your overwhelming generosity.

God Bless You,
Pat and Sue
Pat & Sue Bradley

PS: Your prayers and financial support are needed more than ever! Never underestimate what your faithfulness can accomplish! Thank you for continuing to be a critical part of our family.

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