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Allow me to tell you about one girl. The one that would not survive if you had not prayed and given your money. Let me introduce you to Tishala.

When we first met her, she was close to dying!

Tishala hut

Tishala’s family lives in a single room hut with no running water or electricity in an extremely impoverished village.

Little Tishala lost her mother when she was a newborn baby, leaving her father, Shomari, to care for her, his aging mother and four of his younger brothers. There were seven people living under one small roof when we met them.


Shomari’s only income for the entire family was that of a day laborer. He plowed other people’s land by hand for just pennies and any scraps they might give him. Work was backbreaking and very difficult to come by. Now two years old, Tishala suffers from chronic severe malnutrition.

To put it into perspective, the average weight for two year olds in the western world is between 23–35 pounds. She weighed just 10 pounds, and she was declining every day.

We have seen this level of starvation before, but the sight of it never gets easy. For severely malnourished children, health issues abound, and Tishala’s window for help was closing. She not only needed nutritional feeding therapy and clean water, but she needed proven medical interventions to save her life. That is where you came in.

What is going on in this region of East Africa is not a short term problem, but a chronic one.

Pediatric Hospital

In response, Crisis Aid is elated to share with you next steps in providing lifesaving help to this area. Together with Joyce Meyer Ministries/Hand of Hope (JMM/HOH), an anonymous Christian donor and with YOU, we have opened the first Pediatric Medical Clinic ever in this region of East Africa.

The clinic officially opened on December 19, 2016. During the remaining two weeks of 2016, you and our continued partnership with JMM/HOH made it possible to treat more than 600 children. We have great plans for this clinic which we will be sharing with you in the future.

Childhood death from starvation is so preventable, and simple illnesses should never threaten lives. That is what we believe and what we strive for. We as a team working together through programs such as feeding starving children and their families, clean water, medical intervention and spiritual guidance, save lives, save souls and change futures.

We want to give a special THANK YOU to Joyce Meyer Ministries for their overwhelming generosity providing the funds to build this clinic.

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