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Break the cycle, and change the tide.
The cycle of starvation, sickness, water-borne disease, and sex trafficking must be broken and “normal” transformed, or else hopelessness will remain.

We can do so much more.
We must do more!

Where We Serve

Since 2002, we’ve had the privilege of serving in East Africa to restore the lives of malnourished children; provide access to clean water, food, and healthcare; rescue young girls from sex trafficking; ensure emergency disaster relief and more. Crisis Aid International has served more than 2 million people in 11 different countries and counting!

In addition to East Africa, Crisis Aid serves people in the U.S. since 2002. Many Americans still go to bed hungry, do not have adequate clothing, cannot obtain hygiene items, and do not have a safe, warm place to call home. Crisis Aid weekly provides various communities and neighborhoods in St. Louis, Missouri, with the care they need. One of our greatest victories is our U.S. Refuge Home which first opened in December 2012 in Missouri and was the very first holistic home and safe haven specifically for American female survivors of sex trafficking. 2018 saw the opening of our Crisis Intervention initiatives which include operating full time inside of police unit taskforces in order to serve most effectively.

Together we are making a difference in the lives of those in absolutely desperate need. Together, we can do more.

We would love to connect with you, answer any questions, and give you the opportunity to join our efforts through your giving. We truly believe and have seen the life-changing power that comes from a group of people choosing to do good for others in need.

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