Clean Water Projects

Water is being provided through wells for people in need as one part of a holistic community development model being implemented by Crisis Aid in East Africa.

In 2008 we began implementing a program to provide people living in remote villages where clean water has never been available. Since then, more than 42 wells have been permanently installed in East Africa with 12 new wells added in 2017!

Our goal is to provide enough clean water through the installation of multiple wells within an area to serve the entire community. The specific type of well will differ based on the population density living near the well, road, or school. Today, you can sponsor a well for $13,000 save thousands of lives, provide more time for school and work, as well as give a community the chance to thrive.

Will you join with us to reach our goal of 4 new wells in 2019?

People in this community used to be at the mercy of available sources and gather water like this every day in order to have any to use for cooking, cleaning, or drinking. Now, because of gifts to Crisis Aid, this community now has access to clean water, enough for all their needs.

Will You Give Clean Water Today?

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