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After providing services to more than 230 survivors of sex trafficking (which is now more than 860) and operating multiple Refuge homes for victims worldwide, Crisis Aid was thrilled to open its first U.S. Refuge Home for American victims of sex trafficking in December of 2012 in St. Louis Missouri. In June 2015, we expanded the U.S. Refuge Home to serve minors separately from adults, enabling us to accept placements from state agencies. Since January 2013, we have provided services to more than 155 American victims of sex trafficking age 13-30 years old. We are now working to expand again to serve young mothers who have young children, which is an unmet need.

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The program incorporates a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Crisis Aid is working closely with federal and local law enforcement officials, Department of Family Services, Children’s Division, and other agencies to refer victims to our home.  The girls we serve are provided with a safe loving home with their own bedroom.  They receive a variety of services and opportunities including basic care, professional counseling, medical and mental health care, dozens of life skills programs, educational opportunities, recreational activities, and more. We have developed partnerships with multiple community agencies to provide skilled services and offset our program expenses.

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Through awareness and prevention, we can stop raising victims

Crisis Aid would be happy to provide educational information regarding human trafficking that can be implemented at high schools, universities, churches, and other events. We can also provide videos and photos for you to use as you work to bring awareness and prevention.  Crisis Aid will work with you to host a one-time event, a series of events, or a semester project.

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ARTICLE: Global Safe Campaign–700 Girls Rescued in 10 Years  (February 2017)

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