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Thousands of young women and children have their innocence, their bodies, their spirit, their hope, their families, sometimes even their very lives ripped away from them daily. This horror sounds so heinous that most of us can’t imagine that this could happen here in the United States but this is the reality of what children and young adult sex trafficking victims are experiencing in communities across the United States right now.

Our first safe home in the United States called the Refuge Home opened in December of 2012 in Missouri and was the very first holistic home and safe haven specifically for American female survivors of sex trafficking.

In partnership with other organizations, we have provided trauma-based care and healing services for both adults and minors through our Refuge Home since day one. Showered with love, care, safety, support, health, prayer, and opportunity, these girls truly have the tools to not only survive but thrive in the face of all the horrible things done to them.

Together we are taking back what was meant to harm these girls. Now, on the path to restoration to become the treasured gift they truly are. There is hope for them today because some “REFUSED TO DO NOTHING”. As a result, this building is a place of refuge, healing, hope, and a safe place to call home.
Crisis Aid is one of few organizations in the world to have a physical, full-time presence in a police department to support victims of sex trafficking.
Due to ever-increasing requests from first responders for victim assistance, we have expanded crisis intervention services to provide emotional support, safety planning, and resources to victims identified by law enforcement. We now staff multiple offices that are embedded within a specialized police unit investigating sex trafficking.  Every single day Crisis Aid is working hand in hand with law enforcement, medical professionals, and other community first responders to offer safety, healing, and support to American girls in immediate need.

The U.S. Refuge home provides trafficked little girls and young women with not only a warm safe place to live but additional support in the form of professional counseling, life skills classes, access to critical medical and community resources. We are committed to each girl and the new life she deserves.


Since the development of the U.S. Refuge home, our partners have enabled us to help more than 190 girls rescued from sexual slavery.
We have had to turn away roughly the same number of girls seeking shelter from their traffickers because of limited funding.

It breaks our heart to turn away these victims.
These girls desperately need you!


Increased advocacy work has led to an increase in support from people like you.  We have space, but we need your help to refurbish bedrooms and increase staff in order to increase capacity.


It is no longer an option to do nothing.


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Through awareness and prevention, we can stop raising victims

Crisis Aid would be happy to provide educational information regarding human trafficking that can be implemented in high schools, universities, churches, and other events. We can also provide videos and photos for you to use as you work to bring awareness and prevention.  Crisis Aid will work with you to host a one-time event, a series of events, or a semester project.

Please fill out this request form to begin.

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Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Crisis Aid U.S. Refuge Home Virtual Tour

We value the girls’ privacy, space, and healing journey and we cannot bring everyone to the home who would like to be a part. We have instead created this interactive virtual tour. It is the same technology used to highlight high-end homes for sale and believe it to be a remarkable resource for showing you exactly what the home looks like and how you can be further involved.

Please use this embedded virtual tour to explore the home and then reach out to us on how you can help do more in order to help more girls in immediate need through the form below

Thank you for all that you are doing for these girls!

If you wish to give a gift designated to the U.S. Refuge Home you may HERE.


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