Welcome to the Crisis Aid U.S. Refuge Home Virtual Tour

The refuge home first opened in December of 2012,  in Missouri and was the very first holistic home and safe haven specifically for American female survivors of sex trafficking.

In partnership with other service organizations, since day one we have provided trauma-based care and Christ-centered holistic healing services for both adults and minors. Showered with love, care, safety, support, health, prayer and opportunity these girls truly have the tools to not only survive but thrive in the face of all the horrible things done to them.

Together, we are taking back what the enemy meant for harm for these girls through the savage life of being trafficked to become the treasured gift they truly are to themselves their families and their future. There is hope today for them because some refused to do nothing. As a result, this building built of 4 walls is a place of refuge, healing, and hope, it is their home.

We value the girls’ privacy, space, and healing journey and we cannot bring everyone to the home who would like to be a part. We have instead created this interactive virtual tour. It is the same technology used to highlight high-end homes for sale and believe it to be a remarkable resource for showing you exactly what the home looks like and how you can be further involved.

Please use this embedded virtual tour to explore the home and then reach out to us on how you can help do more in order to help more girls in immediate need through the form below

Thank you for all that you are doing for these girls!

If you wish to give a gift designated to the U.S. Refuge Home you may HERE.

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