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Crisis Aid is one of a few organizations in the world which have a physical full-time presence in a police department to support victims of sex trafficking.

I had given up. I had prayed for God to make sure my family knew I loved them. Because I knew I’m gonna die here and my family is never going to know what happened so me.” “But you guys helped me get out. You saved my life, you actually saved my life.”   — Karen

Since December 2012, through our U.S. Refuge Home, our partners have enabled us to help more than 170 girls rescued from sexual slavery.

Every single day Crisis Aid is working hand in hand with law enforcement, medical professionals and other community first responders to offer safety, healing, and support to these precious young girls. Together, we are providing them a brand new life!

Sex trafficking is not just street crime. Victims today are now targeted through social media. They are wooed, then manipulated and coerced to the point of forced sexual slavery.

In response, we have expanded our crisis intervention services with an office located in a specialized police unit that investigates sex trafficking. We now work with victims the moment they are identified with emotional support, safety planning, and identifying resources they desperately need.

The increased advocacy plays a vital role in the solution to ending sex trafficking but we need your help.

With more girls in need of being rescued, we need more space to provide a safe home and give these precious girls hope, healing, and restoration.

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