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The Tesifa project seeks to bring an end to abject poverty in this region of East Africa.

Our objective is to provide opportunities to people who literally have none; giving them a better way of life. This is a multifaceted, long-term project designed to save lives, create jobs, and operate as a comprehensive training program for agriculture and dairy. It will also provide an income stream to offset operational costs.

No parent should ever have to watch their child die from starvation.

Addressing abject poverty is not just about feeding, it is about changing the culture. The people in this region have lived in extreme poverty for so long, they don’t even know there is another way of life. But there is.

Our East African team will walk alongside the people in this region as they learn how to work effectively within the fields of both agriculture and dairy. Once this is accomplished, those in the program will be provided with their own starter calves and high-quality starter plants. This will eventually branch out to neighboring villages through a cooperative (co-op) structure.

How our work is making a difference.

Thanks to your continued generosity, we’ve experience significant program growth since we began this project in 2015.

To mix a healthier blend of grain and create jobs.

On hold. Inflation and wheat prices have skyrocketed. They need to come down before it can resume. Even so, we are still feeding roughly 14,000 people a month with our regular grain operation.

Make the mill available for use by other companies at a fee.

To serve severely malnourished children who are on the brink of death and who have life-threatening medical conditions caused by starvation.

We have one fully operational building that opened in July, 2020.

  • 3 floors / 28 beds
  • have funding for 18 beds
  • serves over 32,000 a year (both in-patient and outpatient)

The second building is under construction.

  • This building will have a surgical ward
  • Phase I is funded and construction has begun
  • Phase II is fundraising to build 3 more floors.
  • Ultimately will have 100 beds

To raise cows for milk production to benefit hospitalized children, and to sell milk for income.


  • We have over 50 cows and one barn.

We are in the process of building a second barn for an additional 30 cows, coming in mid-2023.

  • We are operating a dairy Store in the nearby community. We sell out every day, and the store is run by girls from the Refuge Home.

To teach locals proper agricultural techniques and help supply food to the children and their mothers in the hospital.


  • Producing crops and training people
  • We have 10,000 coffee seedlings started
  • We produce enough produce to feed the children and their mothers

We employ roughly 60 full-time people and up to 100 additional people during the planting & harvesting season.

Red Rope Cafe:

  • We have a restaurant building on sight
  • ISO a qualified manager to train the girls to manage the operation
  • We will employ locals and girls from the Red Light District
  • The cafe is designed to earn income to help operate the pediatric clinic


  • We currently have goats and chickens
  • We will eventually open a preschool for the workers and the locals

Producing change for generations
to come is not easy.

But it is working and we are already seeing the long-term benefits and reduction in extreme starvation among the hundreds of families we are already serving. Working together in unison, we are making this model a reality. We thank God for you every day and pray His richest blessings on you. Never doubt, you have made a tremendous impact on this world by continuing to refuse to do nothing!

– Pat & Sue Bradley
Founders, Crisis Aid International

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