It seems like just yesterday we were starting off with a 2-pound bag of rice, determined to do more than just watch as people literally starve to death. You took up that challenge with us, and look where we are today over 2.7 million people served worldwide! And all because of YOU!

The dream does not stop here. It continues to grow and to expand far beyond today.  It reaches into the lives of these precious people for years to come. We are determined to help the people of East Africa make a permanent “life-giving” change for themselves and their families. Our goal is to provide them with opportunities they never had.


Asha’s Death From Starvation Broke Us


As you know, abject poverty consumes the eastern region of Africa where we work. We see it every day; children at risk of starvation. This was the cruel reality we saw when we first met Asha. Her death from starvation broke something in us, and the phrase refuse to do nothing took on a stronger, more urgent meaning. We began to see the root cause of this issue clearer than ever before.

Addressing abject poverty is not just about feeding, it is about changing the culture. The people in this region have lived in extreme poverty for so long, they don’t even know there is another way of life. But there is.

No parent should ever have to watch their child die from starvation!




The vision is to bring an end to abject poverty in this region of East Africa. Our objective is to provide opportunities to people who literally have none; giving them a better way of life through a sustainability program known as the Tesifa Project. This is a multifaceted, long-term project designed to save lives, create jobs, and operate as a comprehensive training program for agriculture and dairy. It will also provide an income stream to offset operational costs.

Through the Tesifa Project, Crisis Aid’s staff in East Africa will work with the people in this region.  Show them, Teach them, and Walk alongside them as they learn how to work effectively within the fields of both agriculture and dairy. Once this is accomplished, those in the program will be provided with their own starter calves and high-quality starter plants. This will eventually branch out to neighboring villages through a cooperative (co-op) structure.

Now the transformation begins; a new way of life for the people and their families for generations to come.

Watch The Answer Come To Life



The components of the Tesifa Project are; an existing Feeding Program, a Medical & Stabilization Clinic, a Dairy Operation, and an Agricultural Demonstration Farm. To date:

  • 15 acres of land associated with the feeding program has been purchased.
  • Water well is being dug: projected to be completed by the end of the year
  • Dairy Barn that will hold 40 dairy cows is fully operational with water, heat, light, and cows.
  • More than 20 heads of pregnant cattle have been purchased and are producing milk and bio-gas.
  • The Bio-Gas system is now operational
  • Pediatric Hospital is slated to open in the 2nd Quarter of 2020. This will include a 5-year growth plan toward a fully operational pediatric hospital and surgical unit. There are no other hospitals or usable clinics available in the are for the poor.



Build and implement an income-generating legacy minded holistic solution to extreme starvation and poverty in this region. It is vitally important to stabilize the children in this region while the remaining elements are built.  

We need your help. We are asking that you search your heart, and to be a part of their solution. The Pediatric Hospital is nearing completion and with Covid-19 we are doubling down on efforts to open early in order to stem the tide of lives being lost in the communities we serve. There is no financial gift too small or too big! Every gift matters.

  • 3 floors of the Medical Clinic are completed and are in the process of being outfitted for daily operations.
  • The OH! Dairy farm is nearing full capacity and producing both Milk and Bio Gas with 40 cows. We are beginning to expand the scale of this operation.
  • The first phase of the agricultural demonstration farm has begun clearing the land and putting healthy coffee trees and rotation crops in.

Producing change for generations to come is not easy. But it is working and already we are seeing the long-term benefits and reduction in extreme starvation among the hundreds of families we are already serving. Working together in unison, we are making this model a reality. We are excited to give you updates on the lives you have changed through the Tesifa Project.


We thank God for you every day and pray His richest blessings on you.  Never doubt, you have made a tremendous impact on this world by continuing to refuse to do nothing!  

God Bless You
Pat & Sue Bradley
Founders, Crisis Aid International

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