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The World I See

“I Don’t Know Why You [Rescued Me] But You Saved My Life.”


One of the greatest needs a human being has is to know that they are loved.
That is what keeps bringing them back, sure the food is important but love is more important. To us we may be building a building, or giving food, or drilling a water well — but to them: it is a miracle.  Often times things look impossible…but for us, we ask: “but how are we going to do this.”

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Crisis Aid is ranked in the top 2% of charities by Charity Navigator after receiving 9 consecutive 4-star ratings. We are a Platinum-level, top 1% viewed GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and an active member of the Accord Network, Certified Graduate of Ministry Ventures‘ Group Coaching Program, as well as registered with the ACNC in Australia. Crisis Aid International is a public charity classified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 30-0060905

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2017 Annual Report

Annual Report 2017

2017 was a year blessed by God and you.

You literally came to the rescue of people you have never met. You selflessly stepped out and became their hero… the difference between life and death for many of them and an answer to many desperate prayers. They may never have the privilege of knowing you, but we do, and we THANK YOU for being that life-giving answer for them. Below is a list of what you helped make possible this past year…


We served 237,777 people and distributed over 1.68 million pounds of food!


Nutritional Feeding Programs

• Served 133,402 people, including 20,817 severely malnourished children, a total of 8,004,120 supplementary meals (1,571,808 pounds)

Health Programs

• Treated 29,159 patients

• Through Hand of Hope Medical Mission Trip, an additional 3,306 patients were treated

Child Sponsorship Programs

• Sponsored 105 children with food, clothing, school supplies, and other essentials (all children were from the community, Children’s Home, and your Safe Homes)

Children’s Home

• Provided a loving home for 30 young girls left orphaned in the streets

Refuge Home (for Sex Trafficking Victims)

• Served 30 girls and their 13 children through the Refuge Homes; with an additional 30 girls that have graduated and moved to Phase 2 of independent living

Mercy Chapel (Vocational Training Center)

• Provided training for six individual vocational training programs; computer science, sewing, hair-dressing, silk-screen printing, weaving, and leather crafts

• 98 girls were enrolled in the Vocational Training program with 90 graduating (92% completion/graduation rate) and moved on to a brighter future

Water Wells

• Completed 12 water wells in remote areas of East Africa; providing thousands with clean water for the first time

Speed Schools

• Provided a school for 4,025 children through the Speed School Program


Refuge Home (for Sex Trafficking Victims)

• Provided services for 39 young women and girls, including 16 minors

• Served young women whose ages ranged from 14 to 46

• Provided them with a home for an average stay of six months

Wings Love & Care Center

• Provided 14,239 people (4,788 families) with 71,272 pounds of food through your Food Distribution Program

• Provided coats for 350 children and adults this past winter

• 113 children received Christmas gifts and groceries

• Provided 201 families with Thanksgiving groceries and 162 families with Christmas groceries

• You hosted 44 weeks of After School Program each Thursday during the school year and 10 weeks of VBS Program through the summer


• Our dedicated volunteers are a tremendous support. Their hard work and time in the office and during special events are why Crisis Aid is able to do what we do with your gifts. In 2017 we were blessed to have 370 volunteers / 7,632 hours

2018 Annual Report

A Celebration of Restoration and Hope

When we first met Kacee, the Red Light District was her home. She was broken and afraid, distrusting everyone, especially men. Her journey toward restoration was a rocky one, but through your committed partnership, she graduated from Mercy Chapel Vocational Training Center, became a teacher to those still trapped, and is now an active leader in the Crisis Aid Global Safe Campaign.

However, Kacee’s story does not end here. In February 2017, she walked down the aisle to the love of her life with Pat and Sue Bradley by her side as her honorary parents. Now, that is a success story!

Thank you for your continued support.

There is still so much more to do.

If you have not given before we invite to join us as a group of people who refuse to do nothing. It is your giving that “saves lives, saves souls and changes futures.”

God Bless You,

Pat & Sue Bradley

2017 Board of Directors

Patrick Bradley, Chairman

President & CEO, Crisis Aid International

Susan Bradley, Vice President,

CFO, Crisis Aid International

Dane Welch D.D.S., Board Vice President

Dentist, private practice

Mike Lemp, Secretary

Executive Pastor, Life Church

Jerry Fitzgerald, Treasurer

Advertising Executive, self-employed

Chris Igo, Director

Engineer, Kimley-Horn & Associates


Crisis Aid is ranked in the top 2% of charities by Charity Navigator after receiving 9 consecutive 4-star ratings. We are a Platinum-level, top 1% viewed GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and an active member of the Accord Network, Certified Graduate of Ministry Ventures‘ Group Coaching Program, as well as registered with the ACNC in Australia. Crisis Aid International is a public charity classified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 30-0060905

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Wings 2017 Year End Report

WINGS Bless this House

Wings 2017 – YEAR END REPORT

Dear Friends,

Wings / Love & Care is blessed with incredible volunteers and a small group of donors. It is important you know YOU ARE VITAL to this ministry. Because of you, 14,239 people were served in 2017. Thank you for showing love and care to families and children in St. Louis.

Your Food Distribution Program served 14,239 people in 2017. More than 71,272 pounds of food filled the cupboards and fridges of families in need. We were blessed to continue providing meat on a regular basis as well as fresh vegetables, fruit, canned goods, dry goods and desserts as available. Your giving made this possible! Our faithful volunteers continued to package the food each week and keep the Center clean and organized.

We are thankful to be able to continue the weekly After School Program and also offer Summer VBS to the children in the community. These programs have helped us build relationships with the children and families and provided a safe place for the children to come work on homework, learn about Jesus, receive a meal and benefit from many recreational activities. We continue to partner with Confluence Academy through distribution events to children in the school. We partnered with backpack distribution and a wonderful Christmas party.

In addition, the children who attend the Wings After School Program also benefited from these outreaches and also received backpacks and Christmas presents.

We hosted the annual Thanksgiving Food Distribution and Christmas Food Distribution as well, providing families the opportunity to prepare and enjoy holiday meals at home.

In total, you provided the following services in 2017:

Christmas gifts made by the children for their families.

197 Children received Backpacks & School Supplies

 150 Children received Coats and dozens Hats & Gloves

 200 Adults received Coats

 201 Families received Thanksgiving Groceries

 113 Children received 4-5 Christmas Gifts

 162 Families received Christmas Groceries

 10 Weeks of Vacation Bible School /Special Outings

 44 Weeks of After School Program with special activities for all Holidays

 14,239 People (4,788 Families) received 71,272 pounds of food from weekly Food Distributions

Your gifts and faithful partnership provided services to the children, and individuals, families, churches, and businesses expanded our capacity to do more in 2017 than ever.

Christmas party note from Stephanie Glore, Crisis Aid Staff member:

“Yesterday God did a work in my heart like only He can do.

Seeing 38 families blessed with a Christmas is a joy I can’t describe. Hearing their stories and hearing how they would not be having a Christmas if it wasn’t for yesterday is beyond humbling. (Because) it reminds me to be thankful for what my family does have, and it’s humbling knowing God chose each one of us to be their help in this season.

I watched sponsors provide toys for kids, clothes, and shoes for kids and their parents, electronics and small appliances parents cannot afford, basic house cleaning supplies and toilet paper, gift cards for Christmas dinner groceries, and even a bed provided for a mom and dad that sleep on the couch and floor. The generosity and care that was poured on to these families were incredible and so touching.

What a reminder….As Pat (Crisis Aid International Founder) told each person yesterday in tears…how much God loves each of us. How much HE sees each of us. How much HE cares about exactly where we are right this second. What a day what a word straight to my heart. Serving other brings more joy and fulfillment than any other thing.”

It was a beautiful event. The families were so touched by the generosity of the donors. 38 families received Christmas and they were truly grateful for all they received. The families truly had no way to provide Christmas for their family. There were 113 children and 53 adults that were provided Christmas in 2017.

A family blessed during the Christmas season.

THANK YOU for restoring dignity, providing encouragement, meeting basic needs and providing many blessings to families in south St. Louis with great love and care.

We hope you will continue walking with us in 2018 to provide services with dignity through donations, volunteer service, and gift-in-kind donations. God bless you!


By His grace,

Sue & Pat Bradley & Team

To learn more, visit:

Helping Others Through WINGS This Holiday Season

2017 Thanksgiving image WIngs

2017 Thanksgiving image WIngsHelping Others Through Wings This Holiday Season

2019 has been an incredible year and it is not quite over! The things you have been a part of have blessed so many and your partnership with Crisis Aid through Wings has truly touched lives.

Here are some upcoming outreaches that you can still be a part of this year.

As you plan to celebrate with your family, would you consider providing a St. Louis family in need that same joy?  A gift of $40 will provide groceries for an entire  Christmas meal so families can prepare their holiday meal at home.
Thanksgiving Wings Woman and child

YOU can Bring



To Families through your GIVING

This year Wings / Love and Care Youth Center is partnering with a local school where 100% of the children live below the poverty line.  We have hand selected 40 families that have great need this holiday season and will be hosting a Christmas Event on December 14th for the families and their sponsors.  At the event, the gifts will be given to the parents so they can wrap and give to their children themselves on Christmas morning.  Your gift will not only provide gifts for children Christmas morning, but it will uphold dignity for the parents.


Santa and Child

** for more information on this event contact our office | or call 314-487-1400.

Please consider helping a family

by providing a meal or sponsoring a family for Christmas.

Thank you for your partnership and generosity.  You are making a lasting change for good in our community.

Back to School Outreach 2017

Volunteer Jenny Wainwright

Back to School Outreach 2017

Dear Friends,
Because of generous partners who made the annual Back-to-School Outreach possible, we are hearing incredible stories of impact.

Here is one story we received just the other day from a staff member at our partner school:

Volunteer Amber Marmol

Volunteer Amber Marmol

“You guys have no idea… I had a new girl that started yesterday. Her mother was killed in an accident. She is an amazing little girl in kindergarten. Her grandma has custody of her and her younger brother. She was very excited when I was able to give her one of the Emoji backpacks filled with supplies and help her with a uniform. If it wasn’t for your organization and you guys, this would not have been possible. This child is so excited and it made her aunt cry. She was so grateful!”

Stories like this are not uncommon. They show how big of an impact something like school supplies make in a child’s life. Thank you so much for making moments like this possible; what a joy it was to see the children receive the backpacks and supplies you provided through Wings of Love and Care this year.

Volunteer Jenny Wainwright

Volunteer Jenny Wainwright

Altogether, over 175 children who attend this elementary school in St. Louis, MO (where 100% of families live below the poverty line) were blessed with more than 4,800 supply items! Because so much was donated, we together increased the amount of children served in our annual Back-to-School outreach by 350% this year, enabling us to equip more children than ever with the tools they need to start the school year right.

Special thanks to the Wainwright family for their support and for working with some of the Cardinals’ wives to collect supplies. Thanks also to The Crossing Church, Charter Tax Department, Monarch Jewelry and Endless Opportunities Worldwide for hosting collections. But your impact did not end there.

Again, thank you for your tremendous love, support and prayers.

God bless you,

Sue & Pat Bradley & Team

PS: Together, we currently serve 1,080 people from over 400 families every month. We need your donations today to keep this important year-long work going! Help us help more kids in need.

Back to School 2017

wings background

Will you join us as we help children in need get ready for school?

Back to school

Our WINGS of Love & Care Annual School Supplies Distribution will be August 9th but supplies must be received by August 4th so we can ensure all needs are met. Our goal is to provide the full list of required supplies for 100 children in an elementary school where 100% of the families live below the poverty line. Please place your order/donation today! Make sure you share your contact information so we can mail you a receipt to use for tax deduction purposes. Thank you!

Donations can be dropped off by August 4th at Crisis Aid M-TH 9:30am-4:30pm or shipped directly to Crisis Aid, 5427 Telegraph Rd., St. Louis, MO 63129. Cash donations are also welcome.

Amazon Backpacks

For more information please call 1-888-740-7779.

View as a PDF – School Supplies Needed

Wings Group