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The World I See – Crisis Aid

"I Don't Know Why You [Rescued Me] But You Saved My Life." THANK YOU - One of the greatest needs a human being has is to know that they are loved. That is what keeps bringing them back, sure the food is important but love is more important. To us we may be building a building, or giving food, or drilling a water well -- but to them: it is a miracle.  Often times things look impossible...but for us, we ask: "but how are we going to do this?" "REFUSE TO DO NOTHING" 

Abject Poverty

Abject Poverty The most helpless level of poverty For those of you who have never experienced abject poverty, spend a moment thinking about those who have starved since birth. There is no emptiness that comes close. Every organ in the body suffers, craving sustenance. Sustenance starving children and their families cannot afford. It’s because of this grim reality that our mission of helping the helpless is paramount. And it’s impossible without your help.

2017 Annual Report

2017 was a year blessed by God and you. You literally came to the rescue of people you have never met. You selflessly stepped out and became their hero... the difference between life and death for many of them and an answer to many desperate prayers. They may never have the privilege of knowing you, but we do, and we THANK YOU for being that life-giving answer for them. Below is a list of what you helped make possible this past year...

Water Well Advancements In East Africa

In order for any community to thrive, access to clean water is a must. In East Africa where we have now installed more than 42 wells (12 in 2017 alone), we are looking at additional ways to make a positive and lasting impact on the community. After installing a traditional well in heavily populated areas, the amount of time spent to gather water at the well was still way too long. We've chosen to do something about it so that people may not simply survive but truly thrive by having access to clean water but more time in their day for school, family and work - together, we are making a difference.

Give Clean Water and Save Lives

Together, we can bring clean water to people in immediate need in East Africa. By providing clean water, the positive effects are endless! • Increased Education  •  Decreased Disease  •  Increased a family's opportunity to support themselves  •  Decreased Extreme Poverty. A gift of water today means life tomorrow for so many in need. Together we are saving lives, saving souls, and changing futures.
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