We partner with multiple schools and universities throughout the United States to bring awareness, encouragement, and opportunity to students. Thank you for wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve!

Here are some of the ways YOUR school and students can make a difference:

• Teach your students about Human Trafficking and more specifically Domestic Sex Trafficking and how to prevent students from becoming victims. Ask us if you want a guest speaker.

• Raise awareness about Human Trafficking, Famine and other social issues.

• Purchase OH! Coffee and sell it/offer it at your cafe or lobby – 100% of net profits supports Crisis Aid programs

• Invite Monarch Jewelry to present and/or offer a purchasing table for gifts – 100% of sales support Crisis Aid’s US Refuge Home

• Start a Bracelet Project

• Host a Fundraiser Using Facebook


Start a campus group. We have had groups at high schools and universities whose mission is to generate change, funds, and awareness to help stop sex trafficking. They meet to make pop tab bracelets that help fund Crisis Aid Refuge Homes. They sell bracelets to their campus and community. They have events during January’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. They also travel to churches and schools to share about the horrors of sex trafficking and what Crisis Aid is doing to stop it.

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