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Newsletters / Reports

Newsletters and Reports

We love to share stories of how you are impacting lives around the world. Read current and past archives here with our quarterly newsletters and reports.



2018 ANNUAL REPORT (2019)

A LIFE WORTH FIGHTING FOR – Global Safe Campaign (2019)

THEN AND NOW – Feeding Starving Children (2018)

Meet Jenga. This is his story of hope (2018)

Abject Poverty – The Most Helpless Level of Poverty (2018)

2017 ANNUAL REPORT (2018)

U.S. Refuge – Someday I’m Going To Escape (February 2018)

East Africa Food – No Time To Spare (December 2017)

East Africa – Bereket, Our Special Blessing (November 2017)

Global Safe Campaign: Asha’s Story (September 2017)

2016 ANNUAL REPORT  (2017)

Global Safe Campaign–700 Girls Rescued in 10 Years  (February 2017)

East Africa—The Difference is YOU (December 2016)

2015 ANNUAL REPORT  (2016)

East Africa — Mercy Chapel for Sex Trafficking Victims  (February 2016)

East Africa—Pictures Worth A Thousand Words  (December 2015)

East Africa – Your Gifts Inspire Hope (August 2015)

2014 ANNUAL REPORT (2015)

East Africa-The Journey of Kuri & Sofiya  (March 2015)

East Africa – Refuge Home & Mercy Chapel (Sep. 2014)

Mid-Year Report (2014)

Present Day Realities-Children’s Home (June 2014)

2013 ANNUAL REPORT (2014)

U.S. Refuge Safe Home (March 2014)

East Africa- Food and Health (Nov. 2013)

East Africa- Food (July 2013)

East Africa- Health (March 2013)

2012 ANNUAL REPORT (2013)

East Africa- Safe (Aug. 2012)

Somalia- Food (Jan. 2012)

2011 ANNUAL REPORT (2012)

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Newsletters from our Wings of Love and Care Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Use any of the links below for additional information on events, stories, and opportunities.

WINGS 2017 Year End Report (March 2018)

WINGS Back to School Outreach(September 2017)

WINGS 2016 Year End Report (February, 2017)

WINGS Newsletter (September 2016) 

WINGS Newsletter (July 2016) 

WINGS 2015 Year End Report (March, 2016)

WINGS Newsletter (March 2016) 

WINGS Newsletter (Nov. 2015) 

WINGS Newsletter (Sept. 2015)

WINGS Newsletter (July, 2015)

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