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Ministry Venture Certified 2018November 16, 2017

Pat Bradley
Crisis Aid International P.O. Box 510167
St. Louis, MO 63151 www.

Dear Pat Bradley,

Crisis Aid International has graduated from Ministry Ventures’ Group Coaching Program. Congratulations! You and your staff have successfully completed the 15 modules of Best Practices and Ministry Mastery Coaching. You have completed a Ministry Overview and Fundraising Plan. More importantly, you have established a ministry that is ready for even greater growth and Kingdom impact.

We are proud of you and what you have accomplished!
We look forward to many years of serving in the Kingdom with you.


Michael Flink Executive Director


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Most ministries spend a great deal of money and me on basic administrative and organizational issues – business issues that are unfamiliar to the ministry leader and issues in areas where the leader is probably not gi ed. Each ministry will go through several stages, and Ministry Ventures wants to walk with you through each stage of your success, regardless of where you are right now!

Ministry Ventures creates relational environments that mature leaders in ministry Best Practices of Ministry Model, Fundraising, Board of Directors, Administrator and Prayer.

“We have found that Ministries completing this certification process have a higher rate of success, become better funded, and are well grounded in organizational systems. They have an effective ministry plan, an active board, and a prayer strategy in place after the certification process. We expect MINISTRY MASTERY™ Certification to be the benchmark to which ministries will want to aspire.”  – Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr., The Maclellan Foundation


The MINISTRY MASTERY® program provides intensive coaching and support in the Best Practices and connection to an extensive community of mentors and peers. This focus on fundamentals helps ministry leaders achieve greater impact and position their ministries for growth. In The Emyth Revisited, Michal Gerber notes the need to work “on” the ministry as well as “in” the ministry. Our role is to help leaders work “on” the ministry to further the work of their ministries.

MV certified ministries operate their ministries with excellence.
Donors and investors view this certification as an indication of positive stewardship
of their resources. Your specific training in the 5 Best Practices equips you to advance God’s kingdom through your ministry. Ministries leaders can build strong foundations for successful ministry by learning and applying the Five Best Practices:

1. Ministry Model – Clarifying the organizational mission, model, and message and establishing Outcome Based Evalua on goals based on this clarity

2. Fundraising – Fully fund all of the ministry’s short-term financial needs and plan for long-term sustainability

3. Board – Develop a fully engaged board filling key roles to effectively fulfill your vision

4. Administration – Develop and implement systems for management ease, maximum impact and IRS compliance

5. Prayer – Establish a prayer team and strategy for focused spiritual covering and ministry breakthrough


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