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Life Worth Fighting For
A Life Worth Fighting For

According to Forbes, sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world today. How is it possible that this evil continues to spread like a plague relatively unchecked for decades? This is a travesty far beyond what words can describe.

Since 2007, Crisis Aid and our partners have worked with girls across the globe trapped in this living hell; their lives shattered and destroyed beyond recognition. Yet through these years, we have been privileged to help over 1,000 of these innocent young girls escape and move toward a new life completely restored and fulfilled!

Do you remember Asha from your September 2017 Newsletter? She is the young girl that was sold by her parents to a local witch doctor when she was just a child. Her life was completely destroyed; her childhood hopes and dreams shattered! While her restoration was lengthy, it was well worth it.

This year Asha is planning to get married! She chose the date her parents sold her to be her wedding date. Sue and Pat Bradley will have the privilege of walking her down the aisle. WOW! What a story of restoration! We are humbled and blessed to be a part of this young girl’s life.

While Asha has grown and flourished, Danielle is a young girl whose journey of restoration is just beginning. When she was only 15, she ran away from her home where she was being sexually abused and beaten. For over 8 years Danielle has been living in cars, sleeping on benches, and being passed from pimp to pimp for trade and profit.

Danielle found a church who told her about your Refuge Home. They immediately called Crisis Aid, and we welcomed her into our safe home just this month. When she first walked in she looked like a frail and frightened child.

We gave her a tour of her new home and she broke down in tears. She just sobbed, “I’ve never had a bed before.” The shame she was feeling was overwhelming. We just held her and cried with her. Danielle’s story of restoration is just starting. Her journey will be hard, but if she stays with it, those years of abuse and neglect will be transformed.

Praise God, Danielle and Asha did not fall through the cracks as do so many. There are literally millions of young girls at serious risk, but with your support, we can help rescue those within our sphere.

We are grateful that you care and want to help rescue these girls from their nightmare.

Please do not let precious girls like Danielle or Asha fall through the cracks. Show them that someone cares. Help them dream again by being a part of their miraculous rescue. Taking a step is easy; help create awareness, become an advocate, hold a fundraiser, become a monthly partner. Dream big. The possibilities of what you can do to help these victimized girls are only limited by your imagination.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers over the years.

God Bless You,
Pat and Sue
Pat & Sue Bradley

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help Toward Meeting Our Needs Today

East Africa

• Provide schooling through the Vocational Training Center for 10 girls: $7,500

• Sponsor a girl’s graduation and provide seed money to start a new life: $650


United States

• Add an additional bed for one year to help more girls: $23,000

• Refurbish a bedroom for a girl: $1,400

Thank You For Caring. Your Generosity Makes A Big Difference.

Crisis Aid is ranked in the top 2% of charities by Charity Navigator after receiving 9 consecutive 4-star ratings. We are a Platinum-level, top 1% viewed GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and an active member of the Accord Network, Certified Graduate of Ministry Ventures‘ Group Coaching Program, as well as registered with the ACNC in Australia. Crisis Aid International is a public charity classified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 30-0060905

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