You Can

As An Individual, YOU Can Make A Difference!

• Become a Monthly Donor

• Host a Fundraiser Using Facebook

• Consider hosting a Human Trafficking Prevention Event. Connect with a church, school, university, business or other organization to present the material.

• Start a Bracelet Project

• Raise Awareness by sharing online, hosting a small group or requesting more ideas.

Become A Volunteer

• See how businesses are partnering with us and consider creating a fundraiser by using their products to benefit Crisis Aid.

Shop at Monarch Jewelry – a Christian ministry of CAI that creates handmade, artistic jewelry and accessories as a unique way to engage in the fight against modern-day slavery.  Monarch’s mission is to increase awareness, raise funds and encourage others to fight against sex trafficking.

“We were excited to learn that Crisis Aid was battling sex trafficking in St. Louis as well as around the world.  The more we learned, the more we knew that they were the organization we wanted to support. All profit from the sale of Monarch jewelry and accessories goes to Crisis Aid’s St. Louis Refuge Home.  We are grateful to help support them as they work to set captives free!”

Refuse To Do Nothing Today

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking, Famine and other social issues. Crisis Aid would be happy to provide educational information, videos, and photos for you to use. Please fill out this form to begin.

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