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US Refuge 2018 Newsletter

Katlyn Eyes

A model was used for the pictures so we can protect the identity and dignity of the survivors we serve.

You can help make her SOMEDAY start today.

There are more than 244,000 American children at risk of being trafficked each year1. These are not children in a far off land, but children from our own backyard.

In 2016 alone, the FBI and their affiliates reported arresting nearly 2,600 traffickers and rescuing approximately 6,000 children2; and these are just the ones we know about. Polaris estimates that the total number of victims nationally reaches into the hundreds of thousands — including both adults and minors victimized by trafficking3.

Our Refuge home in the U.S. has had the unique privilege of serving over 155 of these girls caught in the horrors of trafficking. Some are children and some are adults that have been trafficked for many years.

KATLYN’S STORY: At a very early age, Katlyn had already lived a life filled with more horror and tragedy than most of us could ever imagine. When she was very young, a neighborhood boy began using her and “giving” her to his friends. She had become property that he sold for drugs and money.

Katlyn was a runaway and, at the age of 16, came to our Refuge home in early spring. Through our Home’s programs, love, patience, and perseverance, we began seeing Katlyn transform before our very eyes. Now, 17 years old, she is attending high school again and has a 3.3 GPA. For the first time since Katlyn can remember, she is happy.

“I never realized how much I was worth until now. This place has given me hope again.”

Many others at our Refuge home have said that without our loving care they don’t know what would have happened to them.

The Fight Against The Evil Of Sex Trafficking Is Far From Over.

There are so many girls just like Katlyn still waiting for someone to help them. We have the space to double the number of girls we currently serve, but our financial resources limit us. Please consider being a part of their rescue. Your donation is life-changing!

Thank you for all you do. We are so blessed to have you as part of this journey and we know we cannot do this without your support.

God Bless You, Pat and Sue Bradley

Refurbishing a Bedroom – $1,400 (Individual prices are available)

Curtains | Mirror | Dresser | Bed | Closet | Stand | Mattress | Linens | Etc.

Refurbishing the Minor’s Wing – $15,000 (Individual prices are available)

Cabinets | Curtains | Table | Chairs | Sofa | Desks | Molding | Décor | Etc.

Increasing the beds from 8 to 20 – $500,000 Based on a 22 room capacity.

One room is approximately $23,000 a year or $2,000 a month.

Ongoing Needs – $25-$75

Art Supplies | Toiletries | Clothing | Accessories | School Supplies | Kitchen Appliances Equine Therapy | Outing Expenses

Increased bed pricing includes ALL services & support provided (i.e.: medical-dental-psychological-health clothing- school-staff-insurance-etc).

Thank You For Caring. Your Gifts Make A Big Difference.

Ranked in the top 2% of charities by Charity Navigator after receiving 9 consecutive 4-star ratings. We are a Platinum-level, top 1% viewed GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and an active member of the Accord Network, Certified Graduate of Ministry Ventures’ Group Coaching Program, as well as registered with the ACNC in Australia. Crisis Aid International is a public charity classified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 30-0060905

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