NO ONE should EVER be compelled or pressured into sex in order to survive or protect their loved ones.

East Africa:

Thanks to donors, Crisis Aid began our “Safe Campaign” by rescuing our first girl from a red light district in December 2006.  In March 2007, we opened our first home for young girls we rescued from red light districts in East Africa.  We now operate multiple homes in East Africa and the United States and have provided services to more than 1050 girls through our Refuge Homes. These rescued girls range from 9-40 years old.

Once they are rescued and taken to their new home, girls receive food, shelter, clothing, emotional and spiritual counseling, educational opportunities, vocational training, medical care, a spending allowance and more.

Several of the girls from our homes have graduated from nursing school, accounting school, culinary school, and hairdressing school.  Several have gotten married. Many graduates work directly for Crisis Aid now, helping rescue, serve and train other girls in our programs.

We average approximately 28 girls in our East Africa Refuge Homes (and many of them have young children). We also have more than 40 girls in our Phase 2 program, meaning they graduated the Refuge homes and are living independently while working, finishing school, and continuing to receive case management, counseling and more.


Based on our international success rates, we were asked to open a Refuge in the U.S.A. Our first U.S. based Refuge home opened in December 2012. Read More…

STORY: Global Safe Campaign: Asha’s Story

ARTICLE: Global Safe Campaign–700 Girls Rescued in 10 Years  (February 2017)

Save A Life Today

Trafficking 1050

Mercy Chapel

East Africa Mercy Chapel

Although we operate multiple Refuge homes in East Africa, there are never enough beds for the number of girls praying to be rescued from red light districts.  So in March 2010, Crisis Aid bought property which was once used as a brothel in the red light district.  Mercy Chapel is being used as a church, counseling center and vocational training center for the tens of thousands of young girls forced to sell their bodies every day just to survive.

The vocational training program is a one-year commitment where girls have the opportunity to learn hairdressing, silk screen printing, computers, weaving, leather crafts, and sewing.  We are also working with a government program for job placement upon graduation.

Due to the overwhelming need and response, we expanded the program in early 2016 to now provide 6 different streams of training twice a day.

STORY: Global Safe Campaign: Asha’s Story

ARTICLE: Global Safe Campaign–700 Girls Rescued in 10 Years  (February 2017)

396 girls have graduated from the program. Please GIVE TODAY so we can continue two sessions throughout 2018.

2013 Grad Mercy ChapelGive The Gift of A New Life

Girls' Village

East Africa Girls’ Village

Due to the sheer numbers of girls in need of rescue, Crisis Aid met with community leaders who agree we should build a community Girls’ Village.  Crisis Aid seeks to remove the girls from the red light districts they have been forced to live in. We will relocate the girls to a secure Village of their own, where they will enter (at their own will) a rehabilitation and education program.

Crisis Aid has already broken ground for this project!

The Village will consist of one large home for up to 100 girls living in smaller family groups. The girls will have a community center, private school, and vocational training center which will offer multiple programs. By providing a Village, we will provide economic empowerment opportunities to more women by equipping them with marketable skills. The Village will help promote young women’s abilities to start and grow businesses that can employ other young women. Their jobs will aid in improving their lives, generating more income, and creating additional jobs for the future.  This will play a significant, long-term role in poverty reduction for the country, as well as increase the number of women business leaders in their nation.

Phase two of the Girls’ Village will be to build a six-story commercial building along the road which will house the Vocational Training Center and also serve as an income generation project.

Crisis Aid’s goal is to have 50% of the annual budget met by the end of year three through income generating projects.

ARTICLE:  Global Safe Campaign–700 Girls Rescued in 10 Years  (February 2017)

Give to the creation of the Girls’ Village

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