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Giving Opportunities

There are a number of giving opportunities and ways to give directly and indirectly to Crisis Aid. Below are a few ways to get started.

If you would prefer to write a check – please make it payable to Crisis Aid International P.O. BOX 510167 St. Louis MO, USA 63151

Launch a Fundraiser

There are a number of giving opportunities and ways to give directly and indirectly to Crisis Aid. Below are a few ways to get started.

If you own or manage a company perhaps there are ways to give as a form of corporate sponsorship, grants, or donation. Please feel free to contact us directly so that we can work with you on specifically how you can get involved.

If you pay Missouri income taxes, you are also eligible to receive tax credits. Credits allow a qualified donor to reduce their Missouri tax liability by 50% of their total contribution, resulting in their $1000 total donation as an example potentially costing only $265.

Contributions to Crisis Aid’s U.S. Refuge Home Qualify for Missouri tax credits as well as state and federal charitable deductions. Send us a message to see if we have any credits available for you. These are given on a first come, first served basis.

Some partners choose to use PayPal to give a donation. Please feel free to use it directly via this button.

Giving Assistant partners with thousands of organizations, offers, and products to provide varying amounts of cashback rewards directly to your organization of choice. Will you choose Crisis Aid International as you shop online? This does not cost you, the buyer anything extra.

Many organizations will give back a percentage of profits for the products you purchase from them. Amazon Smile, for instance, will give Crisis Aid .5% of your cart total when you shop at no additional expense to you!

The Donation of Stocks is another fantastic win-win. The practice usually enables donors to give more money to Crisis Aid than they would if they sold the stocks on their own, paid taxes on the gains, and then donated the cash to the organization. It’s a win-win situation: charitable organizations get a nice contribution (they usually sell shares immediately), while donors can write off the gift and avoid paying capital gains taxes on the stock gains.

Thank you for joining us in helping the helpless. Together we can and will make a difference.

Crisis Aid is ranked in the top 2% of charities by Charity Navigator after receiving 9 consecutive 4-star ratings. We are a Platinum-level, top 1% viewed GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. We are also accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and an active member of the Accord Network,DONATE Certified Graduate of Ministry Ventures‘ Group Coaching Program, as well as registered with the ACNC in Australia. Crisis Aid International is a public charity classified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 30-0060905

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