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Girls Village


Rescue and care for 15,000 women and girls from sex trafficking. To give life back to girls rescued from the horrors of sexual slavery. To move them toward thriving, not merely surviving. To bring dignity and hope into their lives.

Sex trafficking is one of our generations’ greatest tragedies. It is an epidemic with an estimated 4.8 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally. East Africa is among one of the highest areas impacted. Girls are being marginalized, broken down, and then sold by another human being for pleasure, control, and financial gain. The onslaught of abuse and demeaning torment is intended to destroy the victim, both inside and out.

Together, let’s give life back to girls that have been trapped in the horrors of sexual slavery. Help us move girls toward thriving, not merely surviving every single day. Let’s bring dignity and hope into their lives and draw them closer to God, that they may step into the fullness He has for them.

The dream for these girls does not stop here. It continues to grow and expand far beyond.  It changes their future and breaks the cycle. We are determined to help the people of East Africa make a permanent “life-giving” change for themselves and their families. The goal is to provide each girl with opportunities they’ve never had, and without God and your help, this is impossible. They need to be rescued!

NO ONE should EVER be compelled or forced into sex in order to survive or protect their loved ones!


How do we rescue more girls in East Africa?



Crisis Aid’s solution in East Africa is to design and operate a sustainable housing program known as the “Girls’ Village”.  This Village will house up to 100 young girls and their children. It will include a home, a daycare learning environment, a vocational training center, and retail space that will provide jobs for the girls once they graduate and rental income to help pay the operating costs of the home. 


In December of 2006, Crisis Aid’s first girl was rescued from sex trafficking in East Africa. In April of 2007, the first Refuge Home was opened for 7 more girls. Three years later, the Vocational Training Center was started inside the capital city’s Red Light District.  This was to help the girls still trapped. In 2012, Crisis Aid’s first US-based home was opened.  To date, over 1050 girls have been helped worldwide; the youngest being just four years old.

I never will forget.  On one of our rescue missions when we first started, Crisis Aid rescued 6 girls from the red light district.  But when we drove away, there were 5 girls left standing with their bags packed, crying.  These girls were begging to be rescued, but Crisis Aid had to leave them behind because we didn’t have the funding for more Refuge Homes.   That sight will always haunt me.  We have to do something more.  We can’t just leave them there.”

– Pat Bradley, Founder

Rescued, Saved, Restored


Serving one of the poorest and most famine-prone countries in the world, with more than half of the population living on less than $1 USD per day [2].  The pressures of famine, lack of educational opportunities, sexual and physical abuse, and forced marriage at preadolescent ages cause thousands of girls to flee to the capital.  When they arrive, the girls seek employment, only to find themselves forced or tricked into a life of sexual slavery. 

Multiple estimates by non-government organizations and government entities reveal there are between 40,000—150,000 girls forced into prostitution in the capital city alone [3].  Forced prostitution is sex trafficking. 

Currently, Crisis Aid rents 3 separate homes to house girls rescued from sex trafficking. All 3 of these homes are consistently full. With the restrictions of rental properties and space, only 35 girls can be rescued at a given time. To help girls still in the red light district, Crisis Aid opened Mercy Chapel Vocational Training Center. This vocational training is a huge step in the right direction for these girls, it provides a way for them to escape a life of sexual slavery however a vocation alone does not completely provide all they need to break the cycle.

Life Here is Not Life
Girls Village Overlay


Overall Approach

Land on the main road outside of the country’s capital has been purchased and construction of the home is completed!

Next steps

  • 1: Secure funding for the furnishings and the operating costs of the Home.  This includes the 100 bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, play center for 40 children, family gathering spaces, and so forth.
  • 2: Finish Construction of the 9 story Vocation & Commerce Center will begin with an emphasis on getting the Vocational Training Center opened as quickly as possible for income generation.

We need your help. We are asking that you search your heart, and to be a part of these girl’s solutions. Please help us furnish the Girl’s Home and begin construction of the Vocational Center and Commerce building that these girls and their children so desperately need. There is no financial gift too small or too big! Every gift matters.


We thank God for you every day and pray His richest blessings on you.  Never doubt, you have made a tremendous impact on this world by continuing to “REFUSE TO DO NOTHING”  

God Bless You
Pat & Sue Bradley
Founders, Crisis Aid International

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