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Together, we are providing food for people in desperate need every day.

Since 2002 Crisis Aid has provided more than:

    • 92.9 million meals worldwide
    • In East Africa, over 1,541,000 people have been fed
      • More than 222,600 severely malnourished children would have likely not survived without your help.
  • In the United States, over 141,710 Americans were fed.
    • 797,294 pounds of food through your food distribution programs and Covid-19 relief efforts.
      • 35,218 families and 79,394 children
    • This is in addition to the 4,205 people served through our regular program prior to COVID.

The difference is you! Thank you for being an answer to prayer for these precious children. You are a vitally important part of a team of dedicated people making it possible to save lives, save souls, and change futures.

Save a life today and provide a future for children in need. Take a stand against starvation.

A gift of just $65 will help feed a family of six for one month.

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Charity Navigator 4-star

2021 Top Rated Charity Navigator Nonprofit | Crisis Aid International

Attached is a letter from Charity Navigator informing us we received our 12th consecutive 4-star…

Together, we are providing food for people in desperate need every day.

Take a stand against starvation. With your gift of $65, we will feed a starving child and their family of 6 this month.

Crisis Aid has been distributing food to the most severely malnourished families of East Africa since 2003. In October 2012, we expanded to help an unserved region of East Africa and another in July 2015. Our feeding program continues to provide wheat flour and nutritious food to more than 2,000 severely malnourished children and pregnant mothers and their families every month. However, the degree of malnourishment is worse than we have seen in a long time. This is what led us to find a legacy model of income generation to support the need and bring a holistic solution to the needs we serve.

Your Tesifa Project which includes a positive income-generating dairy farm, food storage, bio-gas capture system for electricity and heat as well as a soon-to-open pediatric hospital and demonstration farm provides the materials, resources, and opportunity through co-op style learning to transform this region.

Though this project is exciting and truly will be a part of the answer for children and families starving to death and over time the answer to extreme poverty in the area. there are still many more in immediate need. Your support and gifts are needed in order to save more families whose children are dying of starvation. It is literally a life or death situation for hundreds of families.

Serving families in immediate need.

Unemployment and job reduction in our nation are at an all-time high. Many in our communities are finding themselves in situations they have never experienced before. The need for help with food for many is just one example. Yet there are others in our communities that are eager to help during these unprecedented times.

Where to start?

Your Community Helping Community program ministers to families in St. Louis, Missouri.  The center provides food, clothing, hygiene items, and community to those in the surrounding neighborhoods weekly. Since 2002, you provided 107,968 Americans with 759,783 pounds of food through your Food Distribution Program. 

The inner-city work is an outreach opportunity for churches, businesses, and civic organizations to help the disadvantaged. We welcome groups to contact us to get involved.

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YOU can help those in need by donating shelf-stable food items that will be given out to the community.

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Come pick up a box of grocery items for you and your family. No matter what your current circumstance is, you are thought of and loved.*

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Be a valuable part of helping others through this simple act of kindness.

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