Together, we are providing food for people in desperate need every day. Since 2002 Crisis Aid has provided more than 82.5 million meals worldwide! In East Africa alone we fed over 113,316 people, including more than 19,000 severely malnourished children who would have likely not survived without Crisis Aid.

June Newsletter Featured ImageThe difference is you! Thank you for being an answer to prayer for these precious children. You are a vitally important part of a team of dedicated people making it possible to save lives, save souls and change futures.

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Save a life today and provide a future for children in need. Take a stand against starvation.

A gift of just $65 will help feed a family of six for one month.

East Africa

Crisis Aid has been distributing food to the most severely malnourished families of East Africa since 2003. In October 2012, we expanded to help an unserved region of East Africa and another in July 2015. Our feeding program continues to provide wheat flour and nutritious food to more than 2,000 severely malnourished children and pregnant mothers and their families every month. However, the degree of malnourishment is worse than we have seen in a long time. Currently, we have funding for approximately 12,000 people per month, but continued support and new gifts are needed in order to save more families whose children are dying of starvation. It is literally a life or death situation for hundreds of families.

Please Donate Now To Save A Life

Take a stand against starvation. Last year, we saved more than 19,000 malnourished children from death. With your gift of $65, we will feed a starving child and thier family of 6 this month.



Wings Food Distribution

Wings of Love and Care ministers to families in St. Louis, Missouri.  The center provides food, clothing, hygiene items, and community to those in the surrounding neighborhoods weekly. We have provided groceries to more than 78,000 people since 2012. Special programs include “Back to School” supplies, coats, turkeys and other groceries for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays, with gifts for Christmas.  Wings also offers a weekly after-school program every Thursday.

The inner-city work is an outreach opportunity for churches, businesses and civic organizations to help the disadvantaged. We welcome groups to contact us to get involved.

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