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Crisis Aid operates intensive alternative education programs in partnership with Geneva Global. Speed Schools are a program for children who have never attended school to be brought to a 3rd grade level within the course of 10 months. Children go from not being able to read or write to graduating the 3rd grade and then joining the Standard School in 4th grade. More than 11,500 students have graduated from our Speed Schools since June 2014. We had a 100% completion rate and 97% of students graduated to 4th grade in 2016.

Our goal is to begin providing food to the children we support through our Speed Schools once support is secured. In addition, over 3,400 additional children have attended our Child-to-Child Education Programs in 215 preschools where they learned basic literacy and numeracy; we formed 40 linked primary schools; and we’ve served 11,467 mothers in our 120 self-help groups where mothers received training on entrepreneurship, business planning, trading, and hygiene.

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Mercy Chapel, East Africa

In March 2010, Crisis Aid bought property which was once used as a brothel in the red light district.  Today, Mercy Chapel is being used as a church, counseling center and vocational training center for the tens of thousands of young girls forced to sell their bodies every day just to survive.

The vocational training program is a one-year commitment where girls have the opportunity to learn hairdressing, silk screen printing, computers, weaving, leather crafts, and sewing.  We are also working with a government program for job placement upon graduation.

396 girls have graduated Mercy Chapel vocational training!

Due to the overwhelming need and response, we expanded the program to now provide 6 training tracts to almost 100 girls.

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Mercy Grads 3
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[tabby title=”Wings”]After School Children’s Programs

Wings Love and Care offer an After School Program every Thursday for children in St. Louis. Volunteers faithfully serve to provide homework assistance, dinner, arts & crafts, games, and ministry to both the children and their families. One parent said: 

I thank you for everything.  I am truly blessed to have Wings of Love and Care in my children’s life as well as mine.  They are great teachers of God.  They talk to the children as well as listen. They always have a story to tell when they get home.  I love Wings because they help me out with children by helping with homework and giving a hot meal.  They also check on the family when they bring the children home.  They are very reliable and most important, the children enjoy themselves very much. And they love the volunteers there, so that is another blessing.  Thank you for everything. 

Yours truly, Tracy

Additionally, we also host several outreaches in the community to provide school supplies, school uniforms, coats, and Christmas for children in need.

Contact us to learn how you can volunteer and support children in South St. Louis.  

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