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Crisis Aid started by providing 2-pound bags of rice to people in South Sudan. Our work quickly evolved to serve people in crisis living in 11 different countries.  Together with our partners,  we are refusing to do nothing. Saving lives, saving souls, and changing futures for one person at a time in desperate need of hope, health, and wholeness.

Crisis Aid concentrates efforts in East Africa and the United States serving children and families who are in crisis situations.  Whether it be famine, disease, natural disaster, or sex trafficking, Crisis Aid is there.


We are committed to “helping the helpless” with relief efforts both locally and globally. We equip those who are beyond the crisis to take responsibility by providing programs that train, inspire, and move them to independent, self-sustained living.

The Crisis Aid Family is large and growing and we invite you who “refuse to do nothing” to join in our mission to impact lives, souls, and futures! With your partnership, the prayers and dreams of thousands of children and families will be answered.


Our mission is to assist in sustaining life, bring encouragement to those suffering and collaborate with other relief organizations in bringing necessary foods, materials and medicines to people in times of crisis, particularly where life and death situations exist. Demonstrating God’s love and care for people is our highest and most cherished goal.


Often we respond during times of natural disaster, famine, war, or other crisis by coordinating emergency relief distributions to provide food, water, blankets, and other critical supplies.  Several of our emergency relief projects have since turned into long-term development projects.

View concluded emergency relief project totals:


In September 2000, our Founder, Pat Bradley witnessed the results of the genocide in South Sudan first hand and knew at that moment “doing nothing” was not an option. His helplessness turned into action as he returned to the United States to raise money for starving people in “no-go zones” where starvation, disease, and danger are a part of everyday life.  He soon returned to provide two-pound bags of rice to Sudanese people in need. A humble beginning turned into life-saving efforts for people in crisis living in eleven different countries.  In 2002 Crisis Aid was officially incorporated. Today, we currently concentrate our efforts in East Africa and the United States.

Once Pat took that first step to “do something”, others quickly joined enabling Crisis Aid to deliver a wide variety of resources over the years. Together with our partners, we have provided more than 17.8 million pounds of food, served 2.6 million adults and malnourished children, and 1,378  sex trafficking victims helped, the youngest being 4 years of age.

We are committed to “helping the helpless” with relief efforts locally and globally and equipping those who are beyond the crisis to take responsibility by providing programs that train, inspire, and move them to independent, self-sustaining living.

The Crisis Aid Family is large and growing. We invite anyone who “refuses to do nothing” to join in our mission to impact lives, souls, and futures! With your partnership, the prayers and dreams of thousands more children and families will be answered.

Saving Lives, Saving Souls, and Changing Futures

Concluded Projects:

A celebration of what you have made possible over the years. Each location, program, activity, and step in God’s Process with YOU have made each of these powerful numbers impactful for millions of individual people, their families, and generations to come.

2016 India Trafficking Prevention Radio Program
2014 United States Crisis Relief to Ferguson, Missouri 1,100 families
2011-2012 Somalia Food 8,000 people
2002-2012 Afghanistan Food 136,882 people 1,691,881
2012 Haiti Built school after the earthquake 450 students
2010 Haiti Food & water after the earthquake 150,000 people 17,400 pounds
2007 Cambodia Home for trafficking victims 27 girls ages 4 to 12
2006 North Korea Food 3,200 orphans 44,092 pounds
2005 Afghanistan Distributed blankets widows made 2,800 blankets
2005 Afghanistan Refurbished school 2,000 children
2005 Afghanistan Trained widows to sew
2005 North Korea Helped build an orphanage
2005 North Korea Equipped a dental clinic
2005 Indonesia Food & water after the tsunami 13,200 people 203,300 pounds
2005 Pakistan Food after earthquake 1,507 people 22,046 pounds
2005 Afghanistan Purified 1,400 water wells over 30 villages
2003 Sudan Food 314,158 pounds
2003 Afghanistan 600 heavy quilts & 100 new outfits 100 orphans
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When you partner with Crisis Aid, you are providing nourishing food for the starving, safety for exploited girls, health care for the sick, clean water for the weary — and so much more!
This year, we look back at 20 years of things you helped make possible. From America to Afghanistan, East Africa to Haiti, you have been with us, step by step, walking the path our Lord has set before us.
Saving Precious Lives
When a person is being marginalized, broken down, and then sold by another human being simply for pleasure or financial gain is not ok. Help us move girls toward thriving, not merely surviving every single day. The dream for these girls does not stop here...
The Answer To Abject Poverty Is Here - The Tesifa Project. It seems like just yesterday we were starting off with a 2-pound bag of rice, determined to do more than just watch as people literally starve to death. We are determined to help the people of East Africa make a permanent “life-giving” change for themselves and their families...
Winter21 Newsletter
Because of you, hundreds more girls across the globe were rescued from a life of trauma and abuse. Because of you, thousands more families in St. Louis received essential food. Because of you, hundreds of thousands of people in Africa received life-changing medical care and food. This Gratitude Report is designed to celebrate you...
You never know where you may end up just by taking one small step. then doing it again... I was looking directly into the eyes of women “not yet rescued,” women who were celebrating with their friends the afternoon, but tonight would step back into the doorway of their variegated tin shed— just big enough for a bed—and sell their bodies for $2.
Charity Navigator 4-star
2021 Top Rated GreatNonprofits | Crisis Aid International
Unemployment and job reduction in our nation are at an all-time high. Many in our communities are finding themselves in situations they have never experienced before. The need for help with food for many is just one example. Yet there are others in our communities that are eager to help during these unprecedented times.
Nagesh, her Father, two siblings, and sick mother are thriving and alive today because you cared. You gave them food and medical care. More than that though, you gave her parents hope.
Zuberi and his family are only alive today because you cared. You gave them food, medical care, and hope.
Pat and Francis
Through these community partners, you and donors like you have provided groceries to 2,000 families every two weeks since Covid-19 started to take effect. Families like Jordan’s. One food box at a time, one connection at a time, each relationship adds another branch within a local web of support. Because building relationships with our neighbors heals us.
Community Helping Community
2019 Annual Report
Sex Trafficking
Zuberi PDF Cover
Beacon of Hope
Almost on a daily basis, we are confronted with innocent children in desperate situations that require immediate attention. Life and death situations where there is no choice but to respond, and with God’s guidance, help the helpless. This is our mission. We refuse to do nothing. And we thank you for sharing in our commitment by supporting us and allowing us to become your hands and feet in this most worthy of endeavors. Together, we are making a big difference.
2018 Annual Report
The World I See
Sonjia's Story
Life Worth Fighting For
Taskforce US Refuge
Dec 2018 Newsletter Then and Now
Mercy Chapel Graduates 1
September 18 Newsletter
Will you help us give backpacks to 200 students who live below the poverty line St. Louis Missouri? YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE! In partnership with Confluence Academy in St. Louis where 97% of the children and families survive below the poverty level, you will be an incredible blessing to these precious families who need your help. The impact you are making by giving and sponsoring the needs of one child at a time will enable us to give a tangible expression of Jesus Christ's love and care.
This year, our goal is to attack abject poverty head-on by giving back every basic need this scourge has robbed from these famished children. Our programs address the need for food, safe drinking water, health care, shelter, and education.
June Newsletter Featured Image
Annual Report 2017
Background water advancement post
US Refuge 2018 Newsletter
New Water Well
Overwhelming Generosity - Metawork
Elsa's Story
Seeing 38 families blessed with a Christmas is a joy I can't describe. Yesterday God did a work in my heart like only He can do. Hearing their stories and hearing how they would not be having a Christmas if it wasn't for yesterday is beyond humbling. {Because} it reminds me to be thankful for what my family does have, and it's humbling knowing God chose each one of us to be their help in this season. I watched sponsors provide toys for kids, clothes for kids and mom's and dads, shoes, electronics their parents can't afford, small appliances needed like toasters and microwaves, basic house cleaning supplies and toilet paper bc these families have hard times getting those things, gift cards for Christmas dinner groceries, and even a bed provided for a mom and dad that sleep on the couch and floor. The generosity and care that was poured onto these families was amazing and so touching.
Serve East Africa - Crisis Aid + Francis Chan
Ministry Venture Certified 2018
Watch this short video as one of your girls share her story of coming from a broken past and moving into a promising and hopeful future. Listen as she shares her heart and offers hope to others. We will call her Tanya.
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