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Concluded Projects:

A celebration of what you have made possible over the years. Each location, program, activity, and step in God’s Process with YOU have made each of these powerful numbers impactful for millions of individual people, their families, and generations to come.

Saving Lives, Saving Souls, and Changing Futures

2016 India Trafficking Prevention Radio Program
2014 United States Crisis Relief to Ferguson, Missouri 1,100 families
2011-2012 Somalia Food 8,000 people
2002-2012 Afghanistan Food 136,882 people 1,691,881
2012 Haiti Built school after the earthquake 450 students
2010 Haiti Food & water after the earthquake 150,000 people 17,400 pounds
2007 Cambodia Home for trafficking victims 27 girls ages 4 to 12
2006 North Korea Food 3,200 orphans 44,092 pounds
2005 Afghanistan Distributed blankets widows made 2,800 blankets
2005 Afghanistan Refurbished school 2,000 children
2005 Afghanistan Trained widows to sew
2005 North Korea Helped build an orphanage
2005 North Korea Equipped a dental clinic
2005 Indonesia Food & water after the tsunami 13,200 people 203,300 pounds
2005 Pakistan Food after earthquake 1,507 people 22,046 pounds
2005 Afghanistan Purified 1,400 water wells over 30 villages
2003 Sudan Food 314,158 pounds
2003 Afghanistan 600 heavy quilts & 100 new outfits 100 orphans
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