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St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.
Are you looking for a way to make a difference today?

Through our community programs, Crisis Aid realized the sheer number of people who had been needlessly going without food every day. We saw mothers living on little more than a box of crackers and parents forgoing a meal so their children had enough to eat each night. For many, their dignity is completely stripped away. We also realized there were so many who desperately want to help. They just didn’t know how.


YOU can help those in need by donating to support our community-driven efforts and programs.


Come pick up a box of grocery items for you and your family. No matter what your current circumstance is, you are thought of and loved.


Be a valuable part of helping others through this simple act of kindness.

Crisis Aid is equipping members of the community with a door-opening tool to help each other. People now have the power to help those around them with supplemental quality food. They are able to connect with their neighbors, friends and whole communities, as well.

Our desire is to start the process of neighbor helping neighbor.

Our goal is to see whole communities transformed by individuals stepping out and doing more; more for family, more for friends and more for the entire community.

Because of you, our partners, we have served more than:

– 100,155 Families!
– 2,493,428 Pounds of Food Distributed!

As of May 2, 2022



Love & Care
Almas Del Ritmo (Carmen)
Christian Believers Church (Ps. Shaun)
Central Pres Contacts (Kate)
Concord Pres
Hope Church
Crisis Aid Office
St. Louis Mutual Aid
Keep Pushing Inc. (Shanna Poole)
ARJ Community Outreach / Rosie
Joy Ministries
Walbridge Elemetary (Diamond)
Oak Hill Elemetary (Lana)
Redemption Church
Galilee Miss Baptist Church(Ps. Carlton Caldwell
The Loft Church (Christine)
Trinity Mount Carmel Jeff Co. (Ps. Donna)
Victory Church (Laura)
Life Church
SOS (Serve Our Streets) (Wayne Ervin)
True Vine Church (Derrick Taylor)
Hoops (Terry Edwards)
Navigate StL (Anna Stacia Allen)
Sikhs StL (Deb Bhatia)
Connect Church


Crisis Aid is blessed with volunteers who faithfully serve every week. Volunteers are needed and assist with many activities such as distribution prep, box packing, cleaning up and more. If you or your group are interested in volunteering one-time or ongoing, please use this form to get started.

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    Community Helping Community


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