What You Can Do


Here’s how YOUR church can make a difference:
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Learn More, Support One or More Life-Changing Programs:


• Add a link to crisisaid.org from your website.

• Host a fundraiser or awareness event. We will provide elements and materials for marketing efforts.

• Host a sex trafficking prevention event with your entire church, youth group, children’s program or another ministry group.

• Collect a special missions offering monthly or once a year.


• Purchase OH! Coffee and sell it/offer it at your church cafe or lobby – 100% of net profits supports Crisis Aid programs

• Host events with youth groups. The Bracelet Project is a great way to engage youth and educate them on the issue of sex trafficking.

• Coordinate a Team Mission Trip to East Africa to work in our programs. Email info@crisisaid.org today.  * A church group must have 15 people or will be combined with other churches/individuals.)

• Host special collections of specific items needed for distributions at our St. Louis, MO based programs.

• Sell Monarch Jewelry at your next women’s conference/retreat.

• Request a Crisis Aid staff member to speak at your church event.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the people we serve, together!

Partner With Us


We are honored to partner with dozens of churches in multiple countries. Here is what a few of our partners have to say:

“…Almost immediately several people in our church began to sponsor a child in East Africa. For the cost of one soft drink a day those children (and families) could eat daily, go to school and get a chance to survive. We also got involved with the Girls’ Home, We were able to raise the funds to complete several repairs at the Girls’ Home. Five years ago, 17 little girls stole our hearts. That number has grown, as have the girls. In 2011, we decided to make our focus on the work CAI has/is doing rescuing girls from the sex trafficking industry in East Africa. We sold over $4,000.00 worth of bracelets at $10.00 each. We were able to bring awareness to several schools in the area through this program. We look forward to a long relationship with CAI and what God is doing through them around the world.”
– Watermark Church, AL


“LIFECHURCH is very proud to be partner with Crisis Aid. Our partnership has allowed our people to play a small part in helping people all around the globe. By hosting a variety of fundraisers it has given us a first hand look at how effective and impactful this organization is. As a church we have been able to witness up close the staff at CAI truly live out there mission of demonstrating God’s love and helping the helpless. We look forward to many more years of helping them save lives and create futures.”
– Pastor Mike Lemp, LIFECHURCH, St. Louis, MO

“It has been an honor to partner with Crisis Aid in touching the lives of so many people in such unbelievable circumstances. When I read the reports and see the pictures of these who have been rescued from the grips of hell and destruction, I weep and give praise to our Lord for Pat Bradley and Crisis Aid. We are privileged to be a part of it all.”
– Pastor Tom Walters, Word of Life Church, Greensburg, PA

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