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“Yesterday God did a work in my heart like only He can do.

Seeing 38 families blessed with a Christmas is a joy I can’t describe. Hearing their stories and hearing how they would not be having a Christmas if it wasn’t for yesterday is beyond humbling. {Because} it reminds me to be thankful for what my family does have, and it’s humbling knowing God chose each one of us to be their help in this season.

I watched sponsors provide toys for kids, clothes for kids and mom’s and dads, shoes, electronics their parents can’t afford, small appliances needed like toasters and microwaves, basic house cleaning supplies and toilet paper bc these families have hard times getting those things, gift cards for Christmas dinner groceries, and even a bed provided for a mom and dad that sleep on the couch and floor. The generosity and care that was poured onto these families was amazing and so touching.

I watched a team that was already stretched thin work exhausting hours to create an atmosphere for everyone that walked into the gym and make them feel so special. Down to the smallest details, this team went above and beyond. ALL to make them feel special loved, and seen. To show them Jesus in such a mighty way. A team that was tired, but found so much joy in serving each and every one of these wonderful families. An amazing team. They inspire me.

What a reminder… As Pat (Crisis Aid International Founder) told each person yesterday in tears… How much God loves each of us. How much HE sees each of us. How much HE cares about exactly where we are right this second. What a day and what a word straight to my heart. Serving others brings more joy and fulfillment than any other thing.”

Written by staff member Stephanie Galore from her personal reflections.

Photography by @Jeffrey Woodson II

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