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Elsa’s Story of Redemption, Hope, and Restoration from Sex Trafficking

Meet Elsa, This is her story of redemption, hope, restoration, and potential from sex trafficking. She has a changed future because many refused to do nothing. As a partner of Crisis Aid, thank you for helping us help her and so many others held captive by sex trafficking both in East Africa and in the U. S. Together, we are making a difference. Will you choose to do something today to help others?

Serve East Africa – Crisis Aid + Francis Chan

Excerpt from originally produced by RightNow Media with Francis Chan exploring the efforts of Crisis Aid International from feeding programs to anti-sex trafficking efforts and what we can all do to make a difference for people in desperate need.

Asha’s Story

At the young age of eight, Asha’s parents sold her to a local witch doctor, and the life she once knew vanished.  She was now his property and served him for an excruciating six years before running away.  Asha tried to escape her nightmare, but instead ended up trapped in sexual slavery in the area’s infamous red light district.  But God had other plans for Asha. Let us share with you her life changing journey: When Asha came to Refuge in 2009, she was withdrawn and afraid.  She could not read or write and had no dreams to share.  But things began to change, and soon after, Asha was heard saying, “I was lost, but now God has changed my life, and I will serve Him the rest of my life.”  We had no idea the fullness of that statement or what was to come.
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