BereketShe did not know where she came from or how she ended up on the streets. She didn’t even know her name. We found this lost little 4-year-old girl wandering the streets, terrified. She was barely surviving, hopeless and her future was bleak.

It all changed when we brought her to your Children’s Home for orphaned girls. Since she had no name, we decided to name her Bereket, which means “blessing”. We later learned that Bereket had lost both parents to HIV/AIDS. Additionally, we were told she had no relatives which could be found.

Your children’s home in East Africa provides everything Bereket will need to develop into a responsible adult and live the life God intended her to have.

Bereket now has 29 other “sisters” in her home, and they have become one large family! YOU made this possible for all 30 girls in the Children’s Home.

Healthy and happy, she is now a 12-year-old, full of life and dreams. Bereket loves to read, especially Biblical storybooks. She also loves to sing, dance and create dramas!

Bereket dreams of one day being a teacher so that she can help children like herself learn to read and write, as her teachers and supporters are helping her. With your continuing prayers and support, Bereket and her sisters can realize all they dream of becoming.

Imagine what it would be like to be a lost child. You have no family and are living on the streets. You are utterly hopeless and terrified. Your only thought is to survive to the next day or even the next hour. There is nowhere to turn for help.

And then someone comes along and rescues you and brings you to a place that becomes your home. How would you feel towards the person who made this happen? To Bereket and her sisters, that person is you. You are their hero, their rescuer!

Without you, this Children’s Home, and all that it provides would not be possible. Your prayers and support give the hopeless, like Bereket, the promise of a joyful future. You give them the hope and help they so desperately need.

Thank you for your faithfulness!

Please make a donation today. You will give a child a new life, rescuing her from starvation, sexual slavery and dying from easily preventable causes.

Program Updates – 2002 through Oct 2, 2017

2,154,239 Total people served

862 Sex Trafficking Victims helped

410,970 Medical Care Provided

72,160,699 Meals Distributed

34 Water Wells Drilled

30 Orphans in Children’s Home

You are helping the helpless by saving lives, saving souls and changing futures.

Mercy Chapel We teach new skills and provide funds for materials to start jobs.

Refuge Homes – Girls continue to receive the best services for healing possible and all homes are currently full.

Nutritional Feeding Program – We are fighting the severe malnutrition that causes families to lose multiple children.

Evangelists – Home-to-home visit to aid in identifying and helping those most in need. We are especially grateful to our partners at Hand of Hope.

Water Wells – Four new water wells were completed this year. We are currently digging eight more wells.

Children’s Home for Girls – Our girls, from kindergarten through college, are eager to learn and are growing fast.

*Stats valid as of October, 2017

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