Australian Embassy gives freedom to girls held captive in sex trafficking in East Africa

The Australian Embassy gifted grants to Crisis Aid to directly support vocational education and life training skills to hundreds of girls trapped in sex trafficking within an East African red light district. 

These girls are forced to sell their bodies every night in order to survive and provide for their family. Often the children are forced to sleep under the bed while their mom works every night. During the day girls attend Mercy Chapel Vocational Training Center in order to gain the skills, confidence, health, and hope in order to begin a new life.

Since 2006 Crisis Aid has been providing refuge, training, counseling, and healthcare services to these girls. More than 600 girls to-date have been assisted. Now because of this grant and the gifts of others, more girls can be saved, have hope, be trained, and thrive in a new life beyond their unimaginable past.

Thank you for partnering with us to Save Lives, Save Souls, and Change Futures.

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