Join Us For The 2nd Annual Christmas Outreach  Wings of Love and Care Center

Wings Christmas

How to sponsor a family? Send us an email if you would like to sponsor a family. We will then send you several profiles to choose from. Each profile will contain a picture of the family, size of the family, ages, and genders of each member, and a “wish list” prepared by each child (these are just suggestions). You are welcome to sponsor a family on your own or build a team to share the joy with. Without you and your family these families will not have much this holiday season.

What is the commitment? Our goal is to provide a full Christmas for each family. The following is what we hope to provide for each family:

• 2 – 3 toy gifts per child (unwrapped)     

• 1 outfit per child (child’s sizes will be provided)

• Gift card to purchase holiday dinner     

• Wrapping paper and tape 

• A household gift for the family (typically a household need)

When and where to deliver items? 5427 Telegraph Road, St. Louis MO 63129. All items are due by December 8th to the Crisis Aid office. Our team will package and prepare them for the Christmas Party on December 16th. Your invitation to the party will be on it’s way once you choose a family! We would love for all sponsors to join us for the party on Dec 30th  to be with the families and love on them.

Santa and Child


• Out of state donors can shop via Amazon if they want to participate and have items delivered to our offices directly.

• We still need financial donations for things like a catered lunch, décor, and extra presents to make sure recipients feel loved, honored, and hopeful.

• If people would like to donate individual items like gift card

for groceries, or kids clothes, or something like that, it would be ok.

• We still need 40 gingerbread house kits for the party.

• We are having a big decoration making day on Friday the 10th of December if anyone would like to join.

For more information please call 314-487-1400 or email